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Baby Bed Bottomless Windproof Mosquito Net

Our Bottomless Windproof Mosquito Net is made of polyester mesh cloth with dense and small mesh which can not only prevent mosquitoes but also prevent other insects and arachnids also improving sleep quality. At the same time, Our Windproof Mosquito Net makes the room is full of sunlight and plenty of fresh air will make your baby sleep more peacefully.

This Mosquito Net is equipped with a non-woven storage bag, which can be folded into a small bag. It has full bottom protection and no gaps also one oversized entrance on one side. You can put it in the trunk of your car when traveling and on business trips also camping.

Our Baby Bed Bottomless Net is freestanding a fully enclosed mosquito net. Our Bottomless Windproof Mosquito Net is the best gift for your children or parents is the most important thing for them to spend a comfortable summer.


  • Material: Polyester / cotton
  • Style: Other
  • Age: children
  • Pattern Type: Solid