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Cordless Electric Fly Mosquito Swatter Zapper




Our Electric Fly Mosquito Swatter Zapper is a flip of a switch and a flick of the wrist of all sorts of flying insects such as gnats and fruit flies. Our mosquitos are zapped clear from the air with our electric fly swatter. It infinitely keeps bugs at bay with our electric fly swatter that is conveniently rechargeable so you can always have it handy without worrying about replacing batteries.

Our Cordless Electric Fly Swatter is not only doing the zap function that requires a button press and can be turned off but if you were to touch it while electrified and triple mesh layers protect you. Our Electric Fly Swatter for low visibility nights or just out in the dark. Our swatter has a built-in LED light that shines bright for you to see you take down mosquitos and pests anywhere and anytime.

  • Color:Blue 
  • Material: ABS
  • Size:48 * 19.5cm / 19 * 8in
  • Weight: 300g

Packing List:
1pcs Electric Fly Swatter
1pcs Data Cable