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Foldable Baby Bed Sun Protection Mosquito Net

This Baby Cot Sharing Bed is made from high-quality fabric, soft, safe, not secret. The bed partitions are made of sturdy materials, which help separate them from parents, ensuring safety for the baby. The foam cushion is moderately soft and has the ability to circulate the air extremely effectively, helping the baby not to be hot tunnels, reducing sweating.

Foldable Baby Bed products with dice toys, help babies easily fall asleep. The product can be folded into convenient storage and portable product when traveling or going out. A cot-sharing parent bed is suitable for babies from birth to 6 months. Helping the parents to be closer to the baby, but the baby can still be independent when sleeping by the distance between the mother and the crib.

This Infant Sleeping Basket easy to fold and carry when letting your baby go out with the whole family. Designed like a small cradle, high cradle, helps separate parents, ensure safety for the baby. The lower body of the bed can be removed to make the baby more comfortable, the legs can be extended further. Elegant texture and color design.


  • Bed Size: 92*46cm
  • Material(Bed): Cotton
  • Material(Backpack): Flax
  • Age group: 0-18 months
  • Weight: about 0.6 Kg
  • Function: Baby bed, Play pad, Mummy bag
Packing List:
1*Mosquito nets,1*Bed, Toys(Randomly)