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Kids Foldable Playhouse Sleeping Tent

Our Kids Foldable Playhouse Sleeping Tent is to give your kids the gift they will remember forever. Our Playhouse Sleeping Tent is little ones are obsessed with this. Your children do not need expensive toys to get excited and the children's tent is a gift from them. They love having a little place that is just theirs. Our Foldable Sleeping Tent children love to crawl into the indoor tent and have gatherings with their friends there, the other young explorers.

This kid's Tent House is keeping your child entertained and give him more time. It helps your child to become a big boy and more independent also social by inviting his friends to the children's tent but it also helps you with the free personal time you need and the mini indoor playhouse will help you in this.


  • Type: Tent
  • Age Range: 13-24 Months
  • Features: Foldable